Jayna with a camera in her holes

Jayna James spreading her legs as usual
Jayna James has done a lot of weird things. I guess when you’re a cheap whore like her you basically do anything for money. In this scene she lets a guy with a dildo cam stick it in all her holes, so basically you can see inside this piece of whore meat. Mouth, pussy and ass. It’s not for everyone, but it’s very amusing to see what Jayna is willing to do for money.
Close up of Jaynas fantastic lips
These are my second favourite part of Jayna. Her lips look fantastic and soft they are made for sucking cock. I think they would be called DSLs, Dick Sucking Lips.
Jayna dows what she is best at
Even if in this scene only a dildo was supposed to go in the whores holes she couldn’t resist taking at least one cock in her mouth. And it’s her biggest talent, so can’t blame her for wanting to show off her talents.
With a load of cum in her mouth
She how happy she looks when the guy has dumped his load in her mouth. In every scene I’ve seen with Jayna the moment she looks the happiest is when she has one or more guys cum on her face or in her mouth. It’s what blonde bimbos like her live for. It’s a big part of their daily diet and the high point of their day.