Jayna is ticklish

Jaynas perfect cock sucking lips
It seems that our favourite busty dumb blonde bimbo girl, Jayna James, is very ticklish. All I can say is, anything that makes her giggle, jiggle and eventually get naked is good in my book. But in the top picture here it’s not doubt that what draws my attention is those big fat lips. Those were made for one thing, and thats having a cock between them. So I guess you can say Jayna has found the best way to use her assets to the fullest since sucking cock is a big part of the profession she has chosen to pursue.
Jayna being tickled
Here she is on the floor being tickled by two guys and the main focus of the camera is of course on those gigantic tits of hers. Man made perfection, if there is such a thing.
Jaynas tits finally come out
And of course it wouldn’t be Jayna if she didn’t end up taking her tits out and showing them off to everyone. One can’t say she looks very intelligent laying down there on the floor, but who cares. Those tits look perfect for sliding a cock between and then dumping a load in that big, open mouth.